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Tool for monitoring routes table.

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This is a tool for monitoring the routes table.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or found any problems.

To do:

1- Add the ability to filter the display for a specific NIC

2- || DONE || Get rid of the flickering.

3- Fix and add more coloring.

4- Add the ability to Add/Delete routes

5- Add the ability to Repair/Disable/Enable a specific NIC

6- Add the ability to check if a specific IP address is “Pingable” (or maybe UDP/TCP port is open or closed)

7- Add the ability to view/ flush the ARP table.


1- Doesn't work on win2k.

2- Resizing issues.




Edited by rbhkamal

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Don't know if this will give you any ideas, but here is an IP Routing table script I wrote.

Read the warning before using. I never did put any error code. I use it a lot, but have never had an issue to revisit it.


EDIT: replaced listed code as attachement

Edited by sulfurious

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