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Automatic defragmentation check

Guest Ailmanki

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Guest Ailmanki

Until today I used vbs or batch files, since the last c't has come out and a automatic routine was written, to download everything with the ie6downloader, I see that autoit is much more powerfull!

Now I was getting crazy to extract the image :huh2: which is created after checking a HD.

1. open dfrg.msc

2. check c:

3. save the report

4. Maximize the window of dfrg.msc

5. take a screenshot & save it- (this is easy,using a third party command line tool)

6. Close dfrg...

Perhaps someone experienced find this very easy, :D , because I'm stuck, I don't know how to begin, which is best way to this with autoit.

Every help is very appreciated

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