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HHC to Tree menu - providing online-document-index easily

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when I use the online-document of AutoIt3, I found it's inconvenient because no tree-index file. I

always need go back, go foward. So I wrote a Javascript to auto change the HHC file(providing index-file structure used by CHM-help-format) to Tree Menu.

Hope it's helpful.

I tested it under IE 6.0, firefox 1.5, and Opera 0.9. It's also easy to use: you only need unzip it to "images" directory, change your *.HHC file to *.HTM(dir.htm e.g.), and added two simple lines:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="images/hhc_tree.css" />

<script src="images/hhc_tree.js"></script>

view detail please click here

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