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Run a process on a different desktop possibel ?

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I was looking if it is possible to run a program on a different desktop like the winlogon runs in the winlogon-desktop, the screensaver in the screensaver-desktop and all other programs runs int the windows-desktop.

This way the user don't have access to the windows system until the program has finished.

Why i need this ? Because i have to run the program in admin content after a reboot.

in program code c++ it would something like this :

// Save original desktop
  hOriginalThread = GetThreadDesktop(GetCurrentThreadId());
  hOriginalInput = OpenInputDesktop(0, FALSE, DESKTOP_SWITCHDESKTOP);

  // Create a new Desktop and switch to it
  hNewDesktop = CreateDesktop("NewDesktopName", NULL, NULL, 0, GENERIC_ALL, NULL);

  // Execute thread/process in the new desktop

  // Restore original desktop

  // Close the Desktop

Any help would be welcome...

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Not sure if I follow you there but can't you just lock it?

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No that is not what i am looking for.

When the programs run in admin content i don't want a user to mess arround with the system because an administrator is logged on for installation of the software. Therefore i have to disable some functionality of windows

i know i could block keyboard and mouse but then i have to reboot again

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