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Force to run on date, help

Guest Doxie

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Guest Doxie


I am making a patch tool, but now i have run into some small problem.

First i will give a brief explanation how its suppose to work.

Main Files:


Patch Tool.exe

First time you run "Config.exe" it will create 2 new folders and a "Config.ini" file.

Then it starts the config window, were you browsw for the patch file that need to be run and also a last date, when the patch will be forced to run.

In the login script you add "Patch Tool.exe"

The users will then get the question if they wanna run the patch file, that you have added in the Config.exe.

After answered NO three times, the file be forced to run.

The problem i got is the force date run, it looks like this:


If $day & $month & $year = @MDAY & @MON & @YEAR Then Run ($File, "",)


$day,$month,$year is set in the Config.exe and saved to Config.ini

The string above should go and check the Config.ini for the date, and if its pass the date, it should force to run the file. But somehow its not working :huh2:

The 2 folders that the Config.exe file is creating is:



Patches is the folder were you place your patches

Users is the folder that keep track on the users "No" answers.

Below you can see the whole process of the YES/NO dialog box.

If $Action = "Yes" Then Run ($File, "",)

IniWrite($UserName, "Options", "UserName", "Yes")

If $Action = "No" Then MsgBox(0, "Patch Count", $count &", but it will be run automaticly on " &$day &"/" &$month &"/" &$year)

If $count = "You can say no THREE times" Then IniWrite ($UserName, "Options", "Count", "You can say no TWO times")

If $count = "You can say no TWO times" Then IniWrite ($UserName, "Options", "Count", "You can say no ONE time")

If $count = "You can say no ONE time" Then IniWrite ($UserName, "Options", "Count", "It will now install")

If $count = "It will now install" Then Run ($File, "",)

If $day & $month & $year = @MDAY & @MON & @YEAR Then Run ($File, "",)

Anyone got an idea what i'm doing wrong?

The last line above, If $day & $month.... Might need to add a < or >, so it runs the file if its passed the date.

Exept from that, the tool is running perfectly :D

If you have a better way to "count" the three times then i did above, please let me know, cause i'm pretty sure there is a better way.

Thanks in advance

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