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Guest gasman

Input to text box

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Guest gasman

Hi. I've been working with autoIT for one day.

I am trying to automate a proprietary program used to process geolocation data.

I'm at the point where it pops up a window to let you navigate around the harddisk to find the file you want to work with. What I would like to do is figure out if it is possible in autoIT to jump to the text box which looks something like,

File name: [4321-00-xx2345 ]

and directly enter the name of the next file I want to process... without having to code a whole series of mouseclicks and such.

I thought from reading the help manual, that I could do this with the ControlCommand. Is that right?

Using the spy program I get the following specs for the window:

Title: Geo

Text: Some other stuff...

File &name

More stuff....

(Last Control under Mouse)

Class: Edit1 Text:

(Visible Window Text)

File &name:

I tried using:

ControlCommand("Geo","File &name","Edit1","AddString",$in_filename)

But nothing shows up?

I would appreciate knowing if I'm on the right track or whether or not I should be going about this in a different manner, and, if so, what that manner might be.

Thank you for your consideration.


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