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Quick Auto-It Question

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Hi there,

I've just recently started using auto-it, trying to make some scripts for various things. I have been reading the help file for the most part to learn more about the commands in this language. One thing I cannot seem to find is this:

Basically I want a key to be pressed down for a certain number of seconds. This is what I tried to come up with, but I have tested it multiple times and I cannot seem to figure it out:

send("{UP down}")


send("{UP up}")

When I execute that it seems as if it is just pressing the "UP" key down then immediately releasing it.

Any help with this would be much apprciated.

Thank you.

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Use Opt() to set a delay. The UP key does not have a natural down state like a SHIFT key can have.

Opt('SendKeyDownDelay', 5000)
Opt('SendKeyDownDelay', 1)oÝ÷ Úî²)ài@Ŷ©¥êâ~ëu©hµ«­¢+Ù}-å½Ý¸ ÌäííUAôÌäì°ÔÀÀÀ¤()Õ¹}-å½Ý¸ ÀÌØí­ä°ÀÌØíÑ¥µ¤(%=ÁÐ ÌäíM¹-å½Ý¹±äÌäì°ÀÌØíÑ¥µ¤(%M¹ ÀÌØí­ä¤(%=ÁÐ ÌäíM¹-å½Ý¹±äÌäì°Ä¤)¹Õ¹

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