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hi here is my problem

im using the great fantastic T2.0 IE Automation

my writen script runs well but i want it a litte more invisible^^

so i have read the Documentation and most of the examples

there i saw the $f_visible at _IECreate .

i guess this is a stupid question but i dont know how bring it in my script.

pls help me

im opening ie url´s and click with

$oIE = _IECreate("blablabla.com")

$oForm = _IEFormGetCollection($oIE, 0)

$o_signin = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($oForm, "Beer")

_IEAction($o_signin, "click")

pls tell me how i can make this in an invisible window ???

mfg bierbaron

p.s. yes i know my english is bad

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