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Outlook 2003 Configuration

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Although I've searched the forum for info on this with no luck, I'm hoping someone has already invented this wheel.

Automation: Outlook 2003 users that need to have "standardized" settings for "certain" email accounts. In general users may have more than 1 pop account and also possibly an exchange account. Only the pop accounts need to be modified and then only if they're using a particular pop server.

Problem: The "AcctList" as indicated in Active Window Info doesn't appear to see the list of accounts, but only the control "AcctList" itself (id 204).

Any idea how I can process the "list" of accounts?

This runs outlook and brings up the "change" account screen for an account beginning with the letter "p" - as in Pop account

Any assistance is appreciated.

M. G.





Run('C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE')

WinWait("Inbox - Microsoft Outlook","MSO Generic Control ")

If Not WinActive("Inbox - Microsoft Outlook","MSO Generic Control ") Then WinActivate("Inbox - Microsoft Outlook","MSO Generic Control ")

WinWaitActive("Inbox - Microsoft Outlook","MSO Generic Control ")


WinWait("E-mail Accounts","This wizard will all")

If Not WinActive("E-mail Accounts","This wizard will all") Then WinActivate("E-mail Accounts","This wizard will all")

WinWaitActive("E-mail Accounts","This wizard will all")


WinWait("E-mail Accounts","Outlook processes e-")

If Not WinActive("E-mail Accounts","Outlook processes e-") Then WinActivate("E-mail Accounts","Outlook processes e-")

WinWaitActive("E-mail Accounts","Outlook processes e-")


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I ended up using registry settings to make the changes - much easier than attempting to manipulate the dialog windows in Outlook.

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