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Using Opt("GUIOnEventMode",1), multiple the same windows

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Hello all,

I'm currently creating several windows with the exact same contents (buttons, editbox, etc), and am using Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) and "GUICtrlSetOnEvent(...)" to handle the events coming from those windows.

One problem though : When I press that button I want to add some text to the edit-control in that same window. But the control-callback offers me the handle to the window the button is in/on, I do not see any means to find out the handle of the edit-box present in that window.

I thought of storing the handles of the controls ino an array, but see no means to store that array as local into the window.

So, my question : Is there a way to either store data locally into a Window, or to retrieve the handles of the controls in/on a window in a dependable way (I would hate to need to traverse, at every event, a list of controls in search for the one I need) ?


The "GUIOnEventMode" example in the Help is nice, but does not mention anything about this (accessing a control relative to the window its in) :)

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