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need help with aimbot-script

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$width = InputBox(" Battlefield resultion", "Enter width of screen(Game Resolution)", "", " M")

$height = InputBox(" Battlefield resultion", "Enter height of screen(Game Resolution)", "", " M")

$pixelfarbe = 0

$EnemyPosition = 0


$pixelfarbe = PixelGetColor($width / 2 , $height / 2 )

if $pixelfarbe = "color in hex(red crosshair)" Then

$Aimbot = 1

MouseClick("Left" , $width / 2 , $height / 2 )


$Aimbot = 0



If $Aimbot = 0 Then

$EnemyPosition =PixelSearch(0,0,$width , $height,"enemy colour")

; from here on , i dont know how to go on (i CANT use MoveMOuse --- mouse and crosshair not synchron)

i hope u understand my problem..i must get the crosshair to a special position WITHOUT MouseMove(x,y)

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Sounds like you need to get skills instead of cheating.

Sounds like that didnt help atall :)


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Sounds like that didnt help atall :)

I was not near as harsh as others may have been on this person. At one point, this board had a forum for such requests. Though it was before my time, it was removed ... and for good reason. Using third party programs breaks the TOS and ELUA of these games, be it for legitimate purposes or otherwise. Besides, I prefer to play the game how it was intended to be played ... cheating only ruins it for me and others who play the game.

To the OP. If you really want help, why not go to myg0t or the JAP boards? I'm sure they'd be more receptive to your ilk. If you must "h4x0r now" and go "pwn n00bs" why not just go download something from a known cheat site?

Now go away, troll. I have no more food for you.

Lofting the cyberwinds on teknoleather wings, I am...The Blue Drache

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