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Where I work, we use another automation software to record and playback our internet session (since our software we design is internet based). We pay an outrageous sum each and every year for the licences to this software, which may or may not be worth it to my company (Thats not up to me.)

Anyway, After finding out about Autoit and finally sitting down to look at it, I began creating scripts to facilitate my *Manual Testing* of our app, by creating scripts that would manipulate the com objects and ... well ... speed up my testing. This was cumbersome and time consuming to try and figure out what the name of each object was, and write out the code to manipulate the objects, go to the next page and so forth.

Any way, I decided enough was enough and so I put together this script which would record my manual entry of data into our Internet Application and write out the code for me. I have successfully cut down my script creation from a few hours to a matter of minutes. (I probably will be given more work for this now that I can do it faster. What a can of worms I have opened).

The script I have attached works for what I need to use it to do (99%) of the time (See my signature). There are a few flaws in that I am only caring about the 1st Form (Index 0) that appears on the IE Page. That is all that I require for my testing, but I will most likely change it up to allow for multiple forms on the same web page at a later date.

Keep in mind that this is a **Pre-Alpha release** of this and I will continue to make improvements to it as I get available time. I will be adding in the ability to validate values on the screen a little bit later so that this can become a full fledged automation and validation machine (i.e. Expected results vs Actual results). Currently it can handle, Image Clicks, Link Clicks, Text Inputs, Select Options, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and page submitions.

Also, the Script does not allow you to enter a webpage into the address bar, as I have not coded the logic to retireve this for playback. When you begin the script, click File-->New and enter the starting URL and away you go.

When you are done with the creation of the script, just close the GUI window of your script and it will save it for you. After that, all ou should need to do is run your newly recorded script and it will do the rest.



This script requires:

AutoIt Version

Also, The file IE_Helper_Functions.au3 must be in the same directory

as the recorded script you just made, or placed into the Includes folder.

to function properly.



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