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Rob A

Infinate Loop casuse smemory issues

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Rob A

Hi Peeps,

If WinExists("Check Point VPN-1 SecuRemote Connection") Then

WinActivate("Check Point VPN-1 SecuRemote Connection", "")




I am using the above script to check if a window is open and if it is then it sends the "c" key to click Connect button, this all works fine but the only issue is that after a few days the process starts to takes up 50% cpu cycles.

I need some advise please :)



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The CPU usage is probably so high, because the function operate a couple of 100 times per second.

Try putting


before the "Wend" statement. That way, the loop only checks on the window 10 times per second, but that should be enough, i guess...

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Rob A

I had the same problem with a script doing what you are describing. The sleep statement did the trick nicely in correcting it.

Thanks you two, so far so good it appears to be working perfectly now :)

Bye 4 now


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