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Pixelsearch with c#

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Hi again :)

So I got a problem with my pixelsearch function

I use it for a game, and in this game there appears a specific color

within 30 seconds but you never know exactly when it appears...it's randomly

so I use pixelsearch and a timer which lasts for 30 seconds

but after 10-15 seconds I got an exeption from pixelsearch (image below)

sure.. I can catch the exception, no problem... but pixelsearch wouln't search again for the color

So what can I do that he searches for the 30 seconds constantly without throwing exeptions

while(!timerout ) // timerout get's true if 30 seconds passed
        searchs =PixelSearch (s_left, s_top,s_right,s_bottom, 1, 0x8A99E3, 20);
        bool found= System.Convert.ToBoolean(searchs);

Posted Image

and that is my pixesearch function

private int[] PixelSearch(int startX,int startY,int rangeX,int rangeY, int step,int color,int shade)
            for(int x=startX;x<startX+rangeX;x+=step)
                for(int y=startY;y<startY+rangeY;y+=step)
                    if(autoit.PixelGetColor(x,y)==color) // if(autoit.PixelGetColor(x,y)==color)
                        return new int[]{x,y};
            throw new ApplicationException("PixelSearch: Failed to find the color ("+color.ToString()+")");

Would be very nice if someon could help me :P


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