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Hex editing

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Is there a function that you can directly read and write hex?




$Var = Hexread(0x00000B16)

and if not, how would I go about making something do this?

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What I want to do

I want to do this for a project in the future. My end goal is to have a little robot type thing that can start at one side of town area, and go to the otherside, or to whatever GPS coordinates I give it(actally I'd rather have it traverse a whole city :) , but that would be too hard considering the cars... and the tunnels... and the people... etc...). For me to do something like this right now would be too difficult. Before I start worrying about these mass scale projects I am going to start small, like one side of the room to the other, or accross my driveway with random stuff laying around on it. What I want to do with the hex is is sort of make a map of what areas I cannot go, and have it write information into it when it finds a barriar. Then I take that and use a pathfinding program like they use in games, and have it restart the pathfinding everytime it finds a new barriar. as for the gps, this would corispond to locations on the map, and that would be the endpoint of where it would go.

What do I know about hex?

Honestly, not much. I know that hex represents binary. I also know that it consists of 0-F. You can also write with it and have things in certain locations. I also believe that it does not require much memory.


I said "a pathfinding program like they use in games". To me this sounds pretty lame, so I feel like I should clarify. Currently I am considering use of the A* method, but am worried about the memory this will require. Please feel free to post or send me recomendations on pathfinding methods. Also I am worried about the time it will take to find the shortest path, and then have to restart it every few seconds because it finds a barriar.

Finding its location

This is one of my biggest concerns. If this fails it all fails. I want to use GPS, but I cannot find one with the accuracy required. For small scale situations I can just make my own little location system(Yes, I can do this, I have the ability).

"This is some pretty complicated stuff and may be too difficult"

You're probably right. But this is not the first robot type thing I'm going to make. I plan on making a robot that chases little red balls around first. Then maybe some other simple things.


I'm not sure if there is enough.

Having the program run in the memory?

I have no idea how to do this, but I have not researched it yet. I don't need help on this yet, and I am honestly not to worried about it. I don't think that it will be neceasary, but it may make it work better.

Ok, now you know what I want to do. :P

I don't think that the Hex/BinaryString/String would work to well for this(please correct me if I'm wrong).

oh, and I do now relize that I forgot to include a file location for my example, not that it really matters, since it was only an example. >.<

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I don't think that the Hex/BinaryString/String would work to well for this(please correct me if I'm wrong).

You gave an example of HexWrite()/HexRead() (possible UDF's) yet you don't think the above functions I mentioned are going to "work" or you're not going to need them? :)

As far as the rest of your script, it looks like a conversation piece, maybe this should go in Chat if you want to discuss possibilities, as you don't have anything done, and I have no idea what kind of support your looking for, if it's a moral booster... Dr. Phil is on at 11 am.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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