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Prevent scientific notation

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$A = 1000/1000000000
MsgBox(0,"Debug", $A)

how do i make a messagebox show the actual digits of the result (0.000001) instead of 1e-006?

Thanks in advance...

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I think this should work:

$A = 1/100000
MsgBox(4096, $A, fullNotation($A))

Func fullNotation($number)
   Local $t = String($number)
  ; create an array with $t[1] = the base and $t[2] the exponent part
   If StringInstr($t, "e-") Then
      $t = StringSplit( StringReplace($t, "e-", "|") , "|")
      Return "." & _StringRepeat("0", $t[2]-1)  & StringReplace($t[1], ".", "")
      Return $number

;Returns a string consisting of $count number of $char's
Func _StringRepeat($char, $count)
   Local $i, $string
   For $i = 1 to $count
      $string = $string & $char
   Return $string

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