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How to change a color of item created by _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem?

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Im from Russia so please excuse me for my bad english. :)

I have an issue with changing of colors for the item created by _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem.

I prefer to use _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem because of the limitation in amount of items created by GUICtrlCreateListViewItem (my application displaying the huge log files (200 000 lines) in the ListView.)

Instead of problem with colors everything works fine.

Please, let me know if anyone knows workaround of this issue:


1. $item = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($message, $field)

2. GUICtrlSetColor($item,0xFF0000)

Need help:

1. $item = _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem($field, -1, $message)

2. ????????????

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