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WinMenuSelectItem and Paste

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Hey Guys... I can't seem to get 'WinMenuselectItem' to work with 'Paste' on Notepad (or any other program). I can paste text into the notepad window however I cannot use the actual 'Paste' Function (^v or alt e, then p).

Anybody have any ideas?


ControlSend("Untitled - ", "", "Edit1", "Hello" & @CR)
    MsgBox(0,"", "Paste Complete")  
    WinMenuSelectItem("Untitled - ", "", "&Edit", "&Paste")
    MsgBox(0,"", "But WinMenuSelectItem does not work") 
    ControlSend("Untitled - ", "", "Edit1", "^v" & @CR, 0)  
    MsgBox(0,"", "And Control V does not work")

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Are you sure you've gotten this to work before? I've tried everything... space, capitalization, etc.

I'm able to get EVERY menu item to work EXCEPT for 'Paste'.

Can you send me the exact code you created to make this work? I don't see what I'm doing wrong here.


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