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Send() sending semicolon instead of colon


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I have a place in my script where occasionally the send command sends a semicolon ; instead of a colon : or sometimes it sends a | instead of a backslash \. It doesnt occur all the time but only very very randomly and I am wondering if anyone else has run into a similar issue.

The line of code looks like this:

Send($WOfileloc & "WO" & $conoptions[1] & "\reviewed\" & $conoptions[2] & "\" & $PWOFilename[1] & "-e.pdf{ENTER}")

The place that gets messed up is in the WOFileloc variable and it is defined like so:

$WOfileloc = "H:\ENGLISH\Work Orders\"

so sometimes it sends "H;\ENGLISH\Work Orders\" or "H:|ENGLISH\Work Orders\"

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can you post the full script? It may have something to do with how you're assigning the values to the variables.


well the full script is 719 lines long... and on top of that my boss would rather me not post the full script on the net.


also, i have found that in my script I have a few places where I use ControlSend() instead of just Send()... so I am going to start documenting when the error occurs and see if it is happening in one place and not the other.

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