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Getting the Control ID

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I am trying... believe me i have tried, i dont ask to often because i can usually find most answers myself

( and the last time i asked a dumb question ..... well, ouch )


I have found class name with Lxp, Smoke_N, Cyberslugs and others, posts


Func _getClasses($title)

Func _CtrlGetByPos($hWin, $sText = '', $iXPos = 0, $iYPos = 0, $iReturnType = 0)

ect... ect

and i am speaking in terms of Autoits GUI controls

i found i can get the handle with controlgetHandle ( ControlID )

any way... help is appreciated, i may have just overlooked something

an array return woud be the best


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Well, if you need the Control ID of a GUI why not just use AutoIt Window Info? I'm not quite sure how to do it without that except by loking at the GUI's script and getting it that way (the first control you create after GUICreate, is always 3, and then the following controls go 4, 5, 6 etc. in the order they are created by the script). Hope this helps?

EDIT: Smoke beat me :), listen to him he's smarter :P.

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- Dan [Website]

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