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How to "tag" existing window

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Let's asume I have x number of notepad windows with the following titles:

"abc - session - blablabla"

"def - session - blabla"

"ghi - session - bla"

I want to know how many windows exists assuming that the number of windows (x) can change?

How can I do it? This is what I have written so far.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)


For $i=1 to 100

If WinExists ("session - ") Then

;found a window





There is no problem to check if these window exists but how to "tag" the one I have found in order not to count them again in the IF? :D


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you can change the name of each window, if you know the name, so you put the name into a variable first using something like

$name = wingetname("name")

then change the name of the window

WinSetTitle ( "title", "text", "newtitle" )

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Though about it. Can't change the name of the windows.

Why not? The idea is to change them back when you are done. The name change would occur for less than 1 second, and then you can put them back. Basic idea is like this:

Opt("WinTextMatchMode", 2);any valid substring match

$count = 0
While WinExists("search title")
  $count + $count + 1
  ReDim $TitleArray[$count];increase array for another stored title
 ;now change the title so we don't count it a 2nd time:
  WinSetTitle("search title", "", "Temporary Title " & UBound($TitleArray) - 1)
For $i = 0 To UBound($TitleArray) - 1
  WinSetTitle("Temporary Title " & $i, "", $TitleArray[$i];set title back

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