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using auto-it to update drivers in winxp device manager


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I've now gone through several of the methods on this site:

(http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=82772) to install correct drivers i.e.


simple CD

From CD


driverpacks [dp]

etc etc.

I haven't used auto-it because I haven't got a clue on how to use it!!!

Well, all my drivers install OK except the mouse, monitor and modem (& gravis controller). These items have made it on to the lists of items on the update driver lists for each device and obviously I can select them manually with the mouse!

What I want though is a method to do this AUTOMATICALLY without me having to do anything at all. Does anyone know of any methods to accomplish this please?

...maybe 'auto-it' will do this but I can't see how this is possible?

....or is there a way to copy my mouse and keyboard actions to a file or something(?) and then trigger that file (i.e. record) during (or at the end of) windows setup from the setup CD itself?

many thanks!

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Can't you slipstream your install CD to include the latest drivers and let the Plug-and-Pray automatic recognition do the installing for you?

I have for everything except the pseudo monitor driver. I can get it into device manager ok but I still have to select color profile and driver manually with hardware update wizard.

I want a full unattended setup. Devcon does not work for me and I don't know why? Nor rundll32.exe either!

what do I need to do/learn/use in order to mimic the mouse/keyboard actions?

I'd need to :

open device manager

expand monitor list

right click on default monitor

left click on update driver

select various radial buttons so that I can choose the driver from 'have disk'...

etc etc

I have no programming experience what-so-ever! :lmao:

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