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COM Objects to manipulate settings

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I have written a script to reconfigure my network adapter to use PEAP, but this script works interactively and is not pretty.

This can not be accomplished through a registry edit because the keys needed do not exsist until peap is configured once. You can not just create the keys because there are keys specific for the card that do not exsist until peap is created once, and these keys are used to finish the configuration. I can not just configure it and capture the settings for later use because we have multiple network types on the network.

I am looking for a way to manipulate the network adapter gui without it actually having to open.

Would com objects be the way? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I'm trying to do the same thing with the Intel ProSet Wireless 3945ABG.

I have search all over but can not find any exposed Objects that would allow me to change the settings without opening the utility. My Backup plan would be to use Macros and maybe use a splash screen to cover the window.

It would be so nice I I could just use a COM object to make the changes using C#.

Did you ever find anything other than creating macros?

Can Anyone recommend another solution?


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