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Unattended program installer


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A long time ago I was excited about creating an unattended XP CD, when I saw


And I was working on it. But I never had enough time and a stable workplace.

Now I took my time and created an XP CD with all critical updates included.

Worked perfect. And because I like to create things myself,

I decided to make an unattended program installer with a progressbar (that installs important applications).


To create your own INI file with the program groups and programs,

you can start the Gui by running:

Unattend.au3 /config

(The program groups are called 'categories' because else it won't fit in the Gui.)

The INI file will be made in the same folder as the script.

When you run the script without a parameter, it will run the programs in the program groups and exit when it's done.

Like with AutoIt, you can only enter executables (EXE, BAT, COM, or PIF).

And ofcourse you can add arguments behind the executable.

You can use these variabes:

#AutoItPath# (you will have to add 'AutoItPath=...Path to AutoIt3.exe...' to the INI manually)

#Root# = Root of the current directory (useful when installing from CD)

#CurDir# = Current directory path

All other (Windows) environment variables

If you specify filenames with spaces, enclose them between quotes (no single quotes).

Maybe I forgot something to tell... Well, I'll notice if I did...


Forgot to mention:

I put a delay of 5 seconds between every program (to save resources in an unattended installation)

Anyways, download below.


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