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Dll functions

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1. There is some good site to find the functions of dll? As example a functions of user32.dll.

A program to see the functions of a dll is good too :D

2. Qeustion 2. Can you create a dll file with your autoit scripts. Your functions in a dll file. Is this possbol :)

Thanks :D

By the way, :P funy emo :party:


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When i have doubts about some function, just google it's name. The first result is gonna be from MSDN. It's a great place to start.

If you want to know the functions of a DLL, just use PE Explorer. Open for example user32.dll with it, then you can browse the exporn functions, and the syntax.

No, to create a DLL you need to use some other compiling language, like C, C++, C#, Basic and etc.

There is something you could try. Write a very simple DLL with the functions you want, and make the dll run your script using the command line to pass arguments.

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