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neo van matix

PHP Parser...

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currently i write a little script, which parse php-code.

I write some Input (<? echo "hello world"; ?>) into a file, and open the php.exe with the parameter "-f file2parse".

On commandline, it works - i get the result "hello world". But, how i get this result into usable data into autoit?

RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'php.exe -f $source', "", @SW_SHOW)

A Dos-Box appears for 0,5 secs - but, how i could show the result in autoit, like, in a messagebox or in a popup ?

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#include <Constants.au3>
$foo = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'php.exe -f $source', "", @SW_SHOW,$STDOUT_CHILD)

While 1
    $line = StdoutRead($foo)
    If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
    MsgBox(0, "STDOUT read:", $line)

Edit: Forgot include.

Edited by Manadar

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