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Guest sydullasyed

is it possible that the xml object can perform multiple load operations

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Guest sydullasyed

In my script i want to load the three xml files using the xmlobject.

for that i have written the following code.

Const $NumOfRecords = 2

Dim $file[$NumOfRecords]

dim $var1

dim $Loop

For $Loop=1 to $NumOfRecords Step 1

$file[$Loop]="NewRecord(NS Rec)"& $Loop & ".xml"


; Load all the files

For $var1=1 to $NumOfRecords step 1


$xmlObj = ObjCreate("Msxml2.FreeThreadedDomDocument")

$xmlObj.SetProperty ("ServerHTTPRequest", 0)

$xmlObj.async = 0


$xmlObj.load( $file[$var1] )


$myErr = $xmlObj.parseError

If $myErr.errorCode <> 0 Then

Msgbox(0,"","Error loading document. Reason: " & $myErr.reason)



$xmlobj.validateOnParse = 0

$xmlobj.resolveExternals = 0

$xmlobj.setProperty("SelectionLanguage", "XPath")

$sysName = "Local"

$node = $xmlobj.documentElement





But it is not working.

Can anybody assist me

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