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Opening and closing autoIT windows

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How do I best open and close GUI 's I create ?

I've made this app wich let's me open a "setttings window" from wich I can call another GUI.

When i close the second GUI the first does not respond to buttons anymore.

All GUI's are in seperate functions exept for the Main Application one.

I've been fiddling with @SW_SHOW and HIDE and GuiDelete() and even winhandle but I guess I don't understand the concept clearly enough to make it work for me. :">

My question is : How do I go about considdering I create my GUI's in a function, or is this perhaps totaly wrong and should I create all GUI's in the Main App and show/hide them when needed ?


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Create all GUI's in the Main App and show/hide them when needed if multiple GUI's are needed at once> It might help to use OnEvent mode.

This will be a tricky thing.


but it would need the winhandle then wouldn't it ? What's the easiest way to get this ?.

Any links for apps/code that do this ?

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should be ...


the link is too long, and therefore it is shortening it, adding ........ (dots).

h**p://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29072&hl= is the correct syntax

Edited by jinxter

> there are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

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If you would have waited just 20 seconds. You had seen that I had already edited it. Besides, you can find the link between that mess yourself. The error was not on my side, it was on the forums, then it was yours. Sorry for the rant but that was just a dumb comment.

Sorry, didn't mean to put you off.

I apologize for not waiting long enough and for not being smart enough to translate ...c to p?/showtopic, I've learned since then and I'll try to be be a little more patient next time.

Thanks for the link, I hope it will set me in the right direction.

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