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Excel Keystroke Sequence

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Hi folks,

I've just started using AutoIT v3. I've spent the last week or so developing an Excel script using AutoIT. Why not create an Excel macro, you ask? Well, I need to tie this script in to other future AutoIT scripts, since I'm developing one big app which accesses three other programs, aside from Excel, and I'd rather use the same IDE for all if them.

Well, back to my question. I've tried to send a CTRL-SHIFT-END (selects all cells from the active cell until the end of the worksheet) command to Excel, but it doesn't seem to like that sequence. My Send command looks like:


When I send a CTRL-END command, it works fine. It doesn't like the SHIFT part. Am I doing something wrong, or could this be a possible bug?

Thanks so much for your assistance!

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Try this:


Also search Scripts & Scraps for the ExcelCOM UDF.

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