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Hi, ive been doing alot of reading about the runonce idea. Its a cool way of automating the installation of files but my question hasnt been raised. I might just be mega stupid but...

I use a roaming network manager account to install applications. Ive created an script to do the first half of an installation that requires a reboot half way through. It sets the registry to automatically login so it can continue the uninstallation.

The script reads files on a mapped drive. Im not sure which type of runonce I need. If i use HKLM then apparently it loads before the desktop appears and doesnt continue untill the installation is finished. This might be a problem as im not sure if the drives will be mapped before the runone.

I also wonder if setting a runonce will run if i logged in else where? More so if I use UKCU runone as thats userbased. I dont want to risk it as 4 other people use the same account.

The runonce, i keep reading about it running once for every user. I dunt want that, i just want it to run once and only once for the 1 user. No others.

Thanks for any advice. Trying to finish off, it all works i'd just love to figure this out. Cheers

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