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More WinMenuSelectItem grief

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I am trying to do a search and replace in notepad using this and nothing happens!

My command is:

WinMenuSelectItem("PVCS_insert.sql", "", "&Edit", "&Replace")

where PVCS_insert.sql is my file name and at the beginning of my window title. I have tried replacing the underscore with {SHIFTDOWN}-{SHIFTUP} but that makes no difference -- it just does nowt. I also originally had the window name as "PVCS_insert.sql - Notepad" but that made no difference either.

I have also tried WinActivate("PVCS_insert.sql") before the line but that doies nothing either.

Has ANYONE out there managed to get this damned function to work???


(a soon to be hairless) Jim

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WinMenuSelectItem("PVCS_insert.sql", "", "&Edit", "&Replace... Ctrl+H")

where the space between &Replace... and Ctrl+H is a TAB


Nope still no soap.... I have even tried copying and pasting your example from the help file (see below) and that doesn't work either.....

WinMenuSelectItem("Untitled - ", "", "&File", "Page Set&up... Ctrl+H" )

I will try it at home in case there is something odd about my work PC....

Thanks for the quick response,


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OK Lar, after lots of grief and testing I can now get it to work consistently...

The original problem was that "Notepad" was missing from the window title... then it began to work intermittently, sometimes yes, sometimes no... then I added a WinWait command as in the below:


WinWait("Untitled - Notepad")

WinMenuSelectItem("Untitled - Notepad", "", "&File", "Page Set&up...")

This seems to work every time.... HOWEVER, as soon as I add a file name to the RunWait command like so:

RunWait("Notepad.exe test.txt")

WinWait("test.txt - Notepad")

WinMenuSelectItem("test.txt - Notepad", "", "&File", "Page Set&up...")

...it stops working again. I am going to try WinMenuSelectItem with &File, &Open to see if it will work that way -- I'll let you know.

BTW the test.txt file is a tiny text file containing the words "test test test"

I won't let the bugger beat me!!



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