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make mouse click based on coordinates of the window?

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ok i want to sense pixels of an IE window that im moving offscreen, and when those pixels change i want the mouse to click part of that window which is also offscreen. I think i got the detecting the pixels part, but i cant seem to make it click the mouse based on where the window is...

#include <IE.au3> 
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 0)       ;1=absolute, 0=relative, 

;ok so this should fix the pixel thing right? just checking...
;the program runs good through most of the program, im not going to post it here...

    $check = Pixelgetcolor(439,628)
until $check > 1

mouseclick("left",466, 846,1)

;this is where it messes up, it doesnt want to click based on the position of my window, it clicks based on the coordinates of the desktop... how do i change this?

So thats it. Suggestions are welcome :)

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ok lets try a different approach...

lets say i wanted the program to run in the background...

How would i get autoit to detect what window is active, so it could switch to the other window to do the mouseclick, then switch back?

also how do i get autoit to detect pixels of a window that is not active?

Also my original problem still stands... how do i make the mouse click based on the co-ords inside the window rather than the whole screen...

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