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NOD32 install

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This might have been asked before, but couldn't find anything on it.

I'm trying to automate the install of nod32, the problem I'm having is when controlclick is used it's clicking on the finish button (i think) instead of the 'next' button and the setup window closes.

AU3info claims the control is hidden, and shows the text as 'Finish'

Posted Image

(Click for full size)

The controlid remains constant throughout the install process.

If I try to use the controlid method, the setup window closes instead of moving to the next option.

Using the classname also just closes the setup.

I know it can be done by sending 'enter' but would rather not blindly send that key and would like to be able to do other things while the install is running.

Not sure how to proceed. :)

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Thank you very much, that did the trick. :P

Maybe instead using graphical automation, try using some switches

NOD32 Antivirus 2.5x

Unpack the original distribution. There's a file setup.exe there...

setup.exe /silentmode /cfg=myconfig.cfg /instmfc /noreboot

...where myconfig.cfg - is your config made with nod32's Configuration Editor



Switch: /silentmode

Fullsyntax: ndntenst.exe /silentmode

Extraction Needed: No

If it works should be quicker and more pleasant to user :)

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Thanks .. but ... :P

I'm already doing the /cfg=config.xml

That can be done without even unpacking the ndntenst.exe :D

There are still a few things that I'd prefer to do via an install script.

Also, my script looks for license info in the clipboard or for a nod32.txt file and enters that automatically.

Not only that, but I can start the amon driver, nod32krn and nod32kui without rebooting.


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