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Getting "out" params in an object's method...?

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Ok, so, on MSDN, when I look up the IMessenger::GetContact Method, I get this:


HRESULT GetContact(   

    BSTR bstrSigninName,
    BSTR bstrServiceId,
    IDispatch **ppMContact



[in] A BSTR that contains the sign-in name of the remote user to create as a local MessengerContact object.


[in] A BSTR that contains the globally unique identifier (GUID) service ID of the remote user being created. Clients with secondary services can potentially create MessengerContact objects for any currently supported service. If this parameter is used, the method will search the specified service for a person whose name matches bstrSigninName by calling CreateUser on the service. If this parameter is not used, by passing in an empty string, the method will search the local user's contact list and not the services.


[out, retval] A pointer to a pointer to the IDispatchPosted Image interface on the new (or existing) MessengerContact object. The new object can now be accessed through the IMessengerContact interface.



So how exactly would I call this, particularly about the third parameter?

It says "out", does that mean that I can then access it? If so, what should I put as its value when calling the method? Do I just leave that parameter out? How can I retrieve the MessengerContact object that is supposedly now accessible?

COM is confusing :)

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