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Newbie Question: Groups

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I am new to AutoIT. I tried out some scripting and I like this language. I now think about migrating my current scripts (KIX-Script) to AuotIT. So far everything I tried worked well. But now I have a problem I could not solve seraching the help or the forum. Sorry if I´ve overseen this but how can I find out with AutoIT if a user is in group a b or c? or a +b or both or somehting like this.

I want to have somehting like this.

User is logged in to domain EXAMPLE.

IfInGroup "booking"

netuse U: //Example/exampleDir1


IfINGroup "booking"

netuse Y: //Example/exampleDir2


How can I do something like this in AutoIT?

I would be happy for a little help. Perhaps I have only overseen the commands to deterimine if a user belongs to a certain group.


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Welcome to the world of Microsoft's lack of functionality.

There are a couple of utilities out there that query a domain for group memberships. Here is a link to some articles: http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBL/tip5700/rh5772.htm

If you want to do it without the utils, you must first query the domain using:

net user /DOMAIN user

Pipe the result into a text file

net user /DOMAIN user > c:\temp\result.txt

Then find the string you are looking for using this script

To find the string "GroupA" in the file result.txt

//Get the user details and pipe to a text file
RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'net user /DOMAIN user > c:\temp\result.txt', "", @SW_HIDE)

//Query the text file
$a = RunWait('find /n "GroupA" C:\temp\result.txt',"",@SW_HIDE)

//Do some if stuff
If $a = 1 Then
 MsgBox(4096,"",'user is NOT part of "GroupA"')
 MsgBox(4096,"",'user is part of "GroupA"')

It relies on the good ol DOS, but it should work.


Nobby :D


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Thank you, both of you.

I would prefer a function to determine groups in autoit, but your suggestion do at least work. From this two I think, I´ll use nobbys idea and make an autoit function out of it. Both suggestions have the problem, that I have to rely on extra soft (o.k. net user should be avaible at least on all W2K and WXP Maschines). That was better in kix-script, there I had a function like this:

IF InGroup( "Hello")

Do something


But with nobbys idea its at least possible to write a workaround for that.

I miss some more functions. I think I´ll try to code workarounds in autoit. If they are ready I´ll post them. Thanx again for your help.


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