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gc dublin

What may cause script to pause execution?

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Hi, I was runing a processwait, and somehow the script just paused by itself and there is a little icon on the tray bar, then I have to manual click "exit" then the script countiunes to execute.

Any one knows why? may be waiting for the process for too long? Is there a timeout to pause in processwait?



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At this stage in your learning process, you should really be primarily looking to the excellent AutoIt Help file for the answers to your questions. It's searchable, has lots of truly useful examples, and it never insults you.

In this specific case, your the phrasing of your question seems to indicate that you did not look there first, or possibly at all ever, which is going to cause you no end of trouble if you're serious about learning this language.

The little icon you see is the AutoIt icon, and is visible whenever you have an AutoIt script running (unless you turn it off).

A "process" is the file name of program that is running, like CMD.EXE or AUTOIT3.EXE. If you ProcessWait for a process that isn't likely to close on it's own, your script will run forever. ProcessWait does have a timeout option though, which you can find in the Help file. By not telling you exactly how right now, trust me, I am helping you more. :)

Another note: after you've exhausted the help file and tried all of it's relevant examples, and have been unable to find an answer by searching for postings about similar problems on this forum and trying out the solutions posted in reply, then you can consider posting a support question in good conscience.

And when you do so, please include a sample of your code, so we can try and replicate your problem.

[font="Fixedsys"][list][*]All of my AutoIt Example Scripts[*]http://saneasylum.com[/list][/font]

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