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Having trouble with GuiRead

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GuiCreate ("Inputs",450,230)
GuiSetControl ("label", "Combo:", 20,30)
$CommunityName=GuiSetControl ("combo", "", 100,25,150,20)
$LoginAs=GuiSetControl ("label", "Username:", 20,80,150)
$IM=GuiSetControl ("input", "", 100,75,150,20)
$SendMessagesReq=GuiSetControl ("checkbox", "blablablab?", 275,75)

GuiSetControl ("label", "Lable:", 20,130,150)
$Recipient=GuiSetControl ("input", "", 100,125,150,20)
GuiSetControl ("label", "Quantity:", 20,160)
$Iterations=GuiSetControl ("input", "", 100,155,50,20)
$x=GUISetControl ("button", "Run!", 340,170)
$y=GUISetControl ("button", "another button", 320,130,100)

GuiShow ()
Sleep (5000)
Msgbox (0,"",GuiRead($x))

I cannot understand why when I do (and don't) press on the RUN! button, I get the same result in MsgBox...


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GUIRead ( [controlref] )


Return Value

Success: Returns depending the control (see below).


Button the display text

Perhaps that makes it eaisier to understand?

You really should be testing GuiMsg() or GuiMsg(0) or even using GuiWaitClose() and not the GuiRead for what you are trying to do.

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