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AutoRun exe?

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Hello All,

I have searched and searched and I cannot figure out what to include in the .exe which is called on an autorun CD. I understand the .inf file and the calling of an executable, but what goes in the executable?

I am trying to have an html file (index.html) open when the CD is inserted.

The .inf file has the following:






For whatever frustrating reason, I cannot figure out what code should go in the AutoRunNow.exe.

Any help?




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This might work give it a try

Create an inf file called Autorun.inf with the following text


open=Autorun.exe "myhtmlfile.html"


Then create a compiled AutoIT executable called AutoRun.exe with the following code

If $CMDLINE [0] > 0 then
    Run(@ComSpec & ' /C ' & $CMDLINE[1], @scriptdir, @sw_hide)  

Chuck both the exe and the inf and the html file on the root of the cd and give it a try

*edit* I just tried this and burned a Cd and it does work!

Edited by ChrisL

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Wooltown: Thank you for that link. I do have that executable already, but I wanted to do something on my own using AutoIt so that no copyright issues occur.

ChrisL: Thank you for the code. It works great and is exactly for what I was looking.

All is good now.

Thanks to both of you,



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