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Please add double-byte charactor support

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AutoItX v3 is excellet except for very serious bug in double-byte charactor like Chinese. e.g. oAutoIt.Run "D:\中文\汉字.exe" , AutoIt will fail to launch. Also with run method's working directory. And sendkey method. I suggest, no, I beg, the AutoId team to consider the problem and fix it in the new version.

Many thanks

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You have posted in the Autoitv3 support.. not Active X support

however, when i see errors with run ...

Run "D:\中文\汉字.exe" ,

most ofyen it is a..

1 spacing problem

2 Quotes ["] problem

3 locational problem

I am not pro-efficient with Autoit X, however this IS very common in Autoit V3



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