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Tree Veiw as file Browse

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I am writing a Video Logging program for my school, I have an expanding tree view, I now need to be able to copy the tree view item into another. I also do not know if there is a way to have the Tree view be a browser for a Directory and all it's Sub-Directories. This is a screen shot of what i looks like now, the Gui is fine, but the actual script is not:

post-15515-1159416569_thumb.jpg <- Folder not expanded :

Folder expanded, and showing one txt in it ->

The full program script is attached, but the "LogNewClips" Button will generate an error, because it needs to be installed for that to run, the "Veiw Clips and Info" should be fine though.

In the final when any of the treeveiw items is selected each of the out put data strings (Clip Name, Reel Name, Time Code, ect) will be read from a specific line in the .txt, .eg line 2 of every txt will be the clip name, this data is entered in the logging menu.

To summarize, how do I create a treeview that will list all subdirectories of a specific directory, and then when expanded show the names off all .txt files in each sub-directory.

Thank you for your Help, And I hope I haven't totally confused you.

;Edited for Spelling and Grammar

;The purpose of this program is to allow students to edit video projects using a text based system to alleviate some of the time strain placed on the only two video editing systems, That last component of this Program will control the editing station, so each student will only have to spend <2 hours using the station for the final touch up editing. Any video editors out there who would like to give a suggestion please do.


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I think what you want is FileFindFirstFile and FileFindNextFile. Then you can add the text files like this




$Clip1Name = "Jumpingmonkeys"

$Clip1 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewitem ($Clip1Name, $Reel1)

;start of bit to list files

local $ar[100];assuming no more than 100 text files in folder

$s = FileFindFirstFile("c:\folder to look in\*.txt")

if $s <> -1 Then;if not an error

$c = 0;set first element

While 1

$file = FileFindNextFile($s)

If @error Then ExitLoop

$ar[$c] = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewitem ($file,$Clip1)

$c = $c + 1








But if I misunderstood (I often do) tell me.

Edited by martin

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Thank you Martin that is just what I need for this project and many others.

You understood perfectly

Edited for Spelling and Grammar

Edited by joedoe

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