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How to Right Click Icon in Taskbar and use Menu?

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I'm trying to automate closing a program that has no other option than to right click on the systray icon, and click on "Shutdown". Currently, I am using the following code, but it requires that the desktop be unlocked which is a problem because of the screensaver locking for security purposes.

#include "SysTray_UDF.au3"

MouseMove($pos[0], $pos[1])

Is there anyway to automate this so that it can happen without the mouse movements and keyboard strokes?

Also, is there anyway to get a list of actions from the menus that appear when you right click on the systray icons?

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Would ProcessKill work or do you need to have it shutdown itself?

Unfortunately, killing the process leaves the db in a state that requires it to reindex itself on the next startup.

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