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My first decent script -- IERecycle.au3

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The idea is it changes your IE proxy server setting and reopens all IE windows, that weren't on "about:blank", back at the address they were at before. Without command line options, it just recycles without touching the proxy address.

One caveat is that if the true URL has been masked it will reopen the mask, not the true URL. Any ideas?

Mostly written for my own edification, but it can serve a semi-useful purpose! The idea came to me because I use Firefox's profiles feature in order to switch proxy servers at work, and Tab Mix Plus to restore the previous session state, but it's a pain in the arse to do the same in IE.

The plan for a future version (should I get round to it) is that it would save the current state to a file, and restore that state on request.

Comments, suggestions, improvements, critique?



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