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How to skip an AutoIt Error?

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Guest Shantha

Is there are anyway that we can skip an "AutoIt Error" and continue the script?

I don't understand much about the " @Error " macro, if we can do something with it.

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What kind of error are you getting and what function are you using? If you are using Run/RunWait, check the RunErrorsFatal option. The @Error macro usually contains the error return code of some of the AI functions.


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Guest Shantha

Actually I open a text file (read only) then transfer the data to a system. When there is a system (application) error, I write them in to the new text file.

When an application error occurs, the script opens the file and write it and auto close it. When I explicitily give the FileClose. It gives me an error. So, I just skip the FileClose part.

But sometimes I get this from "AutoIt Error":

Line 83 (File....

FileOpen ($errlog, 1

Error: Unable to open file, the maximum number of open files has been exceeded.

Any solutions?

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