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Ármányos Kő

REAL cursor position problem whith GUICtrlSetData

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I have my own GUI and a multiline edit control. The text permanently gets read to a variable for checking.

$origi = GUICtrlRead(3)

Stepping line-by-line (the user pushing DOWN arrow) and deleting some line (if found in other text file) with

$origi = StringReplace($origi, $origiactive&@CRLF, "",1,1).

Then putting back the rest with

GUICtrlSetData(3, $origi)

Here comes the issue.

After GUICtrlSetData the REAL position of the cursor is at the end of the text. So, when the user pushes DOWN arrow again, it brings up the last line.

I tried to remember the position of the deletion with

$deletestart = StringInStr($origi, $origiactive&@CRLF,1,1)

and then

_GUICtrlEditSetSel (3, $deletestart, $deletestart+1)

but not OK.

I've even put some SEND (Left-Right, DOWN-UP, or characters) after _GUICtrlEditSetSel, but no success.

Do you maybe know some way of setting the cursor in the middle of a text in a way that it really gets there?

I am really struggling with this now. This is in one of my most important function of my program. ANY sophisticated solution would be OK. I can tell you I even tried Mouseclick to click in the text and then move the cursor, but still no success.

Please help!



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