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Child-Window closed --> Parent-Window disappears

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i have i little problem with a script, that uses 2 GUIs.

the parent window is always present and one of its button opens the child window.

While the child-gui is open, the user should not be able to work with the parent-gui.

It's like opening the Settings in Microsoft Word. You must close Settings, to continue with your letter...

What i have so far:

the parent-gui has no styles defined.

the child-gui has $DS_Modalframe as "style", no "ex_style", and the parent-guihandle as "parent".

When i click the button to open the child-gui, the parent becomes disabled.

In the child-gui there are 2 specific buttons. These buttons close the child-gui and enables the parent-gui again.

The problem: when the child-gui is closed, the parent-gui is put behind another window.

I could WinActivate() the parent-gui but that looks... --> :lmao:

Is there a cleaner solution to handle this?


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These two command generally do what you are asking

GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $mainwindow)

GUISetState(@SW_ENABLE, $mainwindow)

sorry, but they do not.

i have them already in my code, but when i close the child-gui, the parent-gui disappears behind another window...

uhh... i just tested @SW_RESTORE instead of @SW_SHOW.

And you know what? That works! :ph34r:

Thanks for your help :lmao:

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