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Brainstorming for New Project - DOTA Calculations

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This will be a big project and I am looking for some brainstorming how to approach the project. I am including a GUI of what the end product will resemble. I need help formalizing my approach to this project before I dive in. (Let me know if the Image files work on the GUI)


Create a Script that Calculates and Shows the different effects of differing variables when the user sets the parameters.


This is based on a Custom Map (DOTA) for a PC Game: Warcraft 3. In the game there are 70+ different characters and 70+ different items that those characters can choose from. Every item has a different effect. It is a pain staking process to find out the best items for the character and this project should help us determine what items are best.


I don't really know the best way to organize and 'group' the data. Up to now, I have only used AutoIt to program tasks, where as this seems to be like a database. It seems that the most efficient way would be to assign a character and item certain properties/values, so that whenever we want to 'point' at it, all it's properties/values are available. But, I really don't know how that can be done.

I look forward to everyone's feedback.

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