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ControlSend() and ClipGet()

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I have the following line in my script:

ControlSend ( "Intercooled Stata 8.2", "Stata Command", "RICHEDIT1", ClipGet() & "{Enter}")

It works as expected, with the exception that, when multiple lines of text are copied to the clipboard, an extra line is added after each line of text. So, what was



comes out as



. Any idea why this, and how to get around?

Second question:

Is there some way to process some selected text (possibly multiple lines) from a text editor by means of AutoIt without copying to the clipboard? The idea is to keep whatever is in the clipboard but process the lines anyway. It would be also nice to be able to distinguish if some text has been selected or not.

Thanks a lot,


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You could try to use ControlGetText ( "title", "text", "classnameNN" ) when you know the controlname.

As far as the Extra line, The text contains probably extra CR's or LF's.

You could get rid of those by doing:

$string = StringReplace($string,@cr,"")

$string = StringReplace($string,@lf,"")

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indeed, the extra line feeds were the problem. Thanks for the hint how to remove them.

For the other problem, it did not come to my mind simply to save whatever is the content of the clipboard to a $variable, and ClipPut($variable) it back again. That works nicely.



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