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Cases - autoitx

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Hey guys

Do these case statements look righ to you/ I'm still learning vbscript

Also is there a way to include a vbscript like there is with javascript by using the .js ending in a file


Hey guys

did I do these cases right?

var4=oAutoIt.Iniwrite(localpath&"\modules\rkcontrol.ini", "Commands", "Execute",TheForm.Action.Value)

select case TheForm.Action.Value

case MakeSubmitByRick

oAutoIt3.runwait localpath&"\modules\makesubmit.exe",""

case DeleteSubmitByRick

oAutoIt3.runwait localpath&"\modules\makesubmit.exe",""

case StartSubmitByRick

oAutoIt3.runwait localpath&"\modules\startsubmit.exe",""

end select



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