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Weird problem

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Well it does work, but not exactly like you wanted it.

@WorkingDir is changed on successful return.

So, if your script is on C:\ and the file you select in FileOpenDialog is on D:\,

then the file you INIWrite will actually be on D:\.

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What ? Select a file in a folder and when your script is finished you open that folder

and find out that your "testing.ini" is saved there. Is that what you wanted ? If not

then you need to specify the full path (@ScriptDir & "\testing.ini") or you need to

change @WorkingDir back to the one you want (by using FileChangeDir).

Edit : oh, what the hell :

$a = "abc"

$b = FileOpenDialog("wa","","exe(*.exe)")

IniWrite("testing.ini", "Games Path", $a, $B)
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