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[Release][FLYFF] Fragmentation v0.9 - Guild Edition

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Greetings Everyone

It has been a long time since my last release.

You have all been been waiting patiently for this moment.

May I present you Fragmentation - Guild Edition.

Its a small toy for those who are bored and wants to have some fun.

Ok enough chatters, lets see what we have in store.


A small toy for fragmenting the guild made for usa flyff




Fun, you silly


Yes it was made by Me with the help of nforce

How to use in 5 simple steps:

0. update to latest flyff before you attempt to run this toy

1. unzip to a folder

2. run launch.exe

3. wait for them to load

4. login

5. type either u or s in the toyboy (black screen/dosbox) and press enter

After all that the toy should be bouncing around and fragmenting the guild.

If you are unsure just remember to read the above 5 steps

Now have fun

remember the toy may cause seizure, so always use at your own risk.

Edited by Valik

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